La fiole (meaning "the vial" in French) is a necklace that is all about sharing memories; through pictures, sand, a little note, or anything that comes to ones mind. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that promotes self expression.
We now offer a selection of crystals and stones to be displayed by the shops and poured into the vial on the spot, we are really excited about this new addition.

THE FOUNDER - Martin Médus


Born in Paris, Martin grew up in Ibiza, Spain and made the move to LA when he was 19. A little while after starting his blog, he was hired by his sponsors as a consultant for their digital strategies and for 3 years acted as the head of communications for DJ Bob Sinclar. “It was very intense but we did a great job!” He says about working alongside one of highest paid DJ’s in the world.

Martin considers himself a creative type – starting his website at 19 years of age, always trying to find new adventures. The success of his site came as a surprise, turning him into a well known personality in France. You only need to take one look at his instagram to get a glimpse into his somewhat enviable lifestyle.

How does he manage to keep his style in check? “When I don’t feel like carrying an overweight suitcase, I just take the essentials and run in a Levi’s shop to buy a black tee.” Laughs Martin, who describes his personal style in 3 words; rock, sharp and dandy.

The entrepreneur and Parisian household name  divides his time between LA and Paris.



Joao, Paulo, Thierry G, Jonas Bowman, Claudia P, Guillaume, and Hambik.  
Simon Jacquemus, Natasha Oakley, Balthazar Camus, Paloma Coquant, Samantha D'Alessio, Cynthia Orzoni, Maman.