La fiole FAQs

What is the return Policy ?

You can have a look at the Terms and Conditions here

Why the Poems page? 

Who doesn’t like a poem? We believe they make you sit back and think in times when everything goes too fast. We love your poems, you can submit them at this address.

What are the fill-ups and when are the collections coming? 

While we believe everyone is creative, some people love a little push, the fill-ups are exciting accessories and charms to put inside la fiole.

We’re aiming for February.  

I’m an Artist, can I submit a collection of fill-ups ? 

Absolutely, brands but also independent artists are collaborating with us, you can contact us anytime and discuss it with us. 

How strong is La fiole?

La fiole is very robust, the Quartz glass is the strongest out there, the components we use to seal it to the metal are also very resistant. 

Water wets, fire burns, glass breaks.

Be careful on your daily use of la fiole, like any other piece of jewelry, take it off before going to sleep, avoid dropping it, make sure it doesn’t hit your glass at the bar. 

What happens if I break it?

If the parts happen to come apart, we got you covered. 

Warranty does not cover breaking of La fiole, contact customer service for a tube replacement, we'll organize for pick up and fix it for you, a 49$ fee will be charged.

Note that la fiole is not responsible for breaking or losing of content inside the tube. 

What is the number at the bottom of La fiole? 

Each fiole is laser engraved before being mounted. This number is yours and forever yours, if you happen to lose your necklace, you can get your number back on your next order with proof of purchase. 

Is it true that the Number 12 can never be purchased, why?

 We heard about that rumor.  

Can I pick my number?

La fiole 14k and la fiole rose numbers can be requested.

Unfortunately, due to a lot of customers and many similar lucky numbers, we do not offer that option on the original la fiole, you can always ask us by e-mail if your number is available. 

What is the Wall of fioles? 

Anytime you tag @la.fiole or use the hashtag #myfiole, the pictures will be displayed on the Wall of fame of la fiole, we also have a few friends accounts plugged to the page. 

Every now and then, the most beautiful picture and/or outstanding fill-up will receive a very special gift from la fiole. 

Do you have special editions coming soon?  

If we told you, it wouldn’t be a secret.