Poems of Inspiration

Memories are flat. 
In their beauty they are sad.
Memories make us laugh about those trains,
Of people coming, people leaving.
They make us feel safe in this world, 
Because we exist through them,
We feel pain through their veins.
We've dreamed of springs and lived like kings,

We hoped for the skies and became friends with the tide.  
Memories are lost desires.
Pictures of changes they finally embraced.
Some regret, some relate, the weakest ones forget.    
From where we stand, we remember the surprises,       
The clear roses of infinity. 
The touch of a sick lightning.
And as for now, we better keep walking. 
- Unknown -     



Sit by a pool down in Joshua Tree,
Cry when mountains speak to you & to me 

With a face I could trace a thousand times, 
Sings the beauty of pain with
only the eyes 

Now play me one more song,
Now feed me one last drag, 
One more burn before we get too bright 
Bright, bright  
Is it me or do you feel it too?
Am I mad or did this tree dance for us?
Should we sleep, or are there feelings, 
You still long to touch?

Sail thru a milky night sky, 
This silence fills as galaxies collide 

We had a night I could live a thousand times, 
You say ‘anything with you’ & baby,
I feel the same about you 

Sit with me now, don’t bring anything, 
Your skin & bones are the only things 

Now play our one last song, 
Now feed me one more breath, 
One last burn before we get too bright, 
Bright, bright 

Underneath a pale moon light 
Loose end souls intertwine 
We had a night I could live,
A thousand times

Samantha D'Alessio - 21 



 She flew the winds on angel wings
But left her songs on golden strings
In melodies both far and near
That many souls will stop to hear

She walked away but left her worth
On footsteps tread upon the earth
So that those who cross her path
Hear echoes of a child's laugh

She skipped along a river's edge
And hid behind a garden hedge
I saw her mark upon a tree
And underneath a bandaged knee

She played in grasses of the field
Where happiness would be the yield
She left behind a teacup's fill
Of daisies on a window sill

She went to bed with peace of mind
With good-night kisses pure and kind
Before the hour of morning dew
She left behind a prayer or two

She left the strength of mighty oak
Some childhood thoughts she never spoke
A million kisses to be kissed
A sunny day that will be missed

For what was lost, so much was gained
More joy she brought than grief or pain
She left within each trembling heart
A love that never will depart

The greatest gift she gave the world
Was when her little hands unfurled
Her fingertips on life were such
They left their mark on all she touched

 Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA